Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Man vs Wild

Man vs Wild is a TV show on the Discover Channel about a man who is dropped off in different climates and survives using only what he has with him at the time. The show is a big hit with the Kunde family. They especially loved the Sahara Desert episode since they live in the Southern Utah Desert. In this episode, Surivior Man Bear Grylls urinates on his shirt and wraps it around his head to maintain moisture. Its a great way to prevent dehydration for those who are desperate enough to endure the smell.
Mr. Kunde is a teacher for the local high school and during summer break takes the kids to work with him while he prepares for the next school year. The high school is vacant and air conditioned during the summer which provides great relief from the 110 degree temperature and gives his kids lots of room to play indoors.
On one of these such outings Mr. Kunde and his wife brought the kids to school while they made preperations in his classroom. The block walls and cement floor of the high school provide great acoustics and the couple can hear their four children play while they work. After a long period of silence Mr. and Mrs. Kunde began to wonder where the children had gone to play. The couple heard yelling outside the second story classroom window. When they looked out they saw their children waving and yelling to get their attention from below. When they were reunited with their children Mrs. Kunde noticed a strange smell from her son Brevin's shirt which was wrapped around his head 'man vs wild' style. She began to ask the children what they had been doing. After getting locked out of the school, they hunted for squirrles to prevent starvation and became very hot in the summer heat. Brevin was concerned about dehydration and peed on his shirt to stay alive until he found his parents again. All of this took place in 10 to 15 minutes of the children being stranded in the desert outside their dad's school.

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